How to effectively use Hashtags for Social Media

How to effectively use Hashtags for Social Media

Many people using social media have faced problems regarding the proper use of hashtags to effectively use hashtags. While many might have succeeded in finding the right hashtags for their business/profile, the same can’t be said about many people. Due to many irregular hashtags in the caption and not utilising its potential their posts don’t reach the optimum number of people that it could have had.

How to effectively use Hashtags for Social Media

How to effectively use Hashtags for Social Media

To help you understand how & what type of hashtags should be used when sharing a post we have shared our tried & tested format that includes our strategizing points that will surely help you get that long awaited organic traction on your social media posts. So without further ado let’s move ahead with the details;


Understanding Hashtag for Post

When sharing a post on social media a person should always understand the basic type of post he/she is sharing. For example, if you are sharing a travel photo or a food photo it would be general practice to include top hashtags for the respective post. 


However when sharing posts for a FnB place or a club it is not advised to use hashtags related to food or drinks. Instead you should opt for using hashtags related to nightlife and party. We suggest using the nightlife & party hashtags as both FnB & Clubs are most active at night and most of the people that like such pictures & video mostly follow pages & hashtags that include the same.


It might not be the same case for all types of posts, for instance when you post for a real estate business you will mostly include hashtags related to apartments and hashtags related to the facilities & amenities offered. This is because if you opt for other type hashtags such as competitor names & location tags it might backfire as your post can divert your organic engagement to your competitors & irrelevant location posts.


Types of Hashtags

Once you have the idea for what hashtag genre you will be using for your post it is now time to understand what type of hashtags you will be using. By types we don’t mean the genre but the different hashtags based on their type of engagement & the frequency of posts that are being posted associated with the hashtag.


While the majority of posts consist of only the top hashtag we advise to steer away from that practice. As if you only use high frequency hashtags you might not be able to rank your posts organically. The reasoning for not ranking is much simpler than you might imagine, as the frequency of posts for the top hashtags is much higher than normal hashtags you post is generally pushed down in the list as newer posts are shared almost the next minute.


When selecting the type of hashtags to use with your post we advise you to take your time researching & finding the optimal one. According to our experience the best kind of hashtags include three types of hashtags, they are;

  • Competitive Hashtags
  • Top Hashtags
  • Brand Hashtags


Types of Hashtags

Types of Hashtags

Competitive Hashtags

By competitive hashtags we are referring to the hashtags that have low competition compared to rest. These hashtags have a good number of posts and are not used in very high numbers compared to Top Hashtags. These hashtags will mainly have daily posts in the range of 2000+ to 5000+ a day.

When using these types of hashtags you will start seeing an increase in the number of users reached through hashtags. The primary reason is the sheer number of posts that use these hashtags. As the number of posts using these hashtags is good but not so high that your post will just be hidden by the new post.

Also if you have a good number of engagement on your post initially, your post may also be featured in the top posts for the hashtag.


Top Hashtags

These hashtags are the most used hashtags. Such hashtags are almost used in all of the posts of the same industry. 

Even though these hashtags are widely used and are harder to rank in, we suggest you do not leave them out. Such hashtags have the ability to reach the most number of users in much shorter time compared to any type of hashtag.

However the number of Top Hashtags shouldn’t be more than competitive hashtags, a fair use of Top hashtags should be ensured to get optimal results.


Brand Hashtags

These hashtags will only consist of your brand name and parts of your brand. These hashtags are mainly for associating your post with a brand profile.

These hashtags define your brand profile and are suggested to users who follow similar brands on social media. 


While many experts out there might have a more distinguished & in-depth hashtag classification, we believe these three categories will cover the important aspects of any post. When sharing a post for a personal profile or for a brand do ensure you have the hashtags noted down as to have the best reach & engagement organically.


We hope our tried & tested hashtags strategy will also work the same for you or your brand. If you have any inputs regarding our strategy feel free to reach out to us at or you can simply tell us your concerns at 


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