Digital Marketing Online Course

Discover the power of digital marketing with our comprehensive online training course. Learn the intricacies of SEO, SEM, SMO, and more without needing a technical background. Earn a certification, expand your career options, and gain access to premium salaries in the digital landscape.

Duration: 3 months

Learning Modules: 11+

Mode of Teaching: Online

Course Fee: ₹20,000 + GST

Digital Markeitng Online Course

Digital marketing is a dynamic strategy for engaging target audiences through online channels. Its personalized approach, real-time performance tracking, and focus on customer preferences distinguish it as a powerful tool for businesses in the digital era. By utilizing digital channels, businesses can create tailored campaigns that resonate with specific demographics, resulting in increased engagement and conversion rates. Overall, digital marketing enables businesses to foster meaningful connections with customers, driving brand awareness, loyalty, and growth in today’s competitive landscape.

As Digital Marketing possesses multiple aspects that can help any business to improve its growth ratio, the skill of Digital Marketing has seen an exponential rise in the Non-Technical IT Industry. 

Modules Included in Digital Marketing Online Course

Website Development using WordPress

Search Engine Optimization

Google Adwords

Google Analytics

Google Merchant Center

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Contact Marketing

Google Adsense

Affiliate Marketing & Influencer Marketing

Need Complete Digital Marketing Online Course Curriculum ?

Course Overview

Our Digital Marketing online training is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of various modules, including SMO, SEO, SEM, and more, without requiring a technical background. Through dedicated effort and commitment, participants can delve into new concepts and gain practical insights into building effective campaigns and leveraging different social media platforms. The course covers lead generation strategies from scratch and equips learners with a deep understanding of marketing tactics applicable in real-world scenarios.

Benefit from the expertise of industry-leading educators with years of experience in the field, ensuring a rich learning experience. As a prominent provider of Digital Marketing online training in India, we offer effective learning programs that guarantee results and empower participants to implement their newfound knowledge confidently.

What you can achieve through our Digital Marketing Online Course?

By completing our Digital Marketing Course, you can:

  1. Expand Career Options: Explore diverse opportunities in digital marketing across industries.
  2. Increase Market Value: Earn industry recognition with our Online Digital Marketing Certification Course.
  3. Access Premium Salaries: Qualify for higher-paying roles with specialized digital marketing skills.
  4. Enjoy Professional Flexibility: Work remotely or freelance with confidence in your expertise.
  5. Boost Creativity and Skills: Enhance your abilities to innovate and excel in online marketing.

If you classify under on of the Below Demographic than our
Digital Marketing Online Course is for You

✅ Students

✅ Working professionals seeking career change

✅ Fresher or Graduates

✅ Knowledge Enthusiasts

✅ Entrepreneurs

✅ Aspiring Freelancers

Digital Marketing Online Course Objectives

1. Module Mastery: Understand SMO, SEO, SEM, and more without technical background barriers.
2. Practical Proficiency: Learn to build campaigns and utilize various social media profiles effectively.
3. Lead Generation Skills: Acquire the ability to generate leads from scratch and implement diverse marketing strategies in workplace settings.
4. Expert Insights: Gain deep understanding from seasoned industry educators, ensuring practical knowledge application.
5. Confident Implementation: Utilize our effective learning program for assured results and efficient implementation.

Why our Digital Marketing Online Course?

✅ Engage in interactive, instructor-led live online training sessions for a personalized learning experience.

Reinforce learning with practical assignments after each session, ensuring hands-on application of concepts.

✅ Explore diverse learning streams including blogs and live quizzes to enhance your knowledge.

✅ Enjoy cost-effective training with our competitively priced digital marketing online course.

✅ Access comprehensive support from our dedicated team to prepare for digital marketing certification exams.

✅ Take advantage of convenient remote learning, eliminating commuting time and expenses.

Why our Strive Training Institute?

Since 2020, we’ve established ourselves as one of the best training institutes, specializing in niche areas. Our focus is on empowering individuals within the employee ecosystem, fostering confidence, skill development, and self-reliance.

Benefit from personalized learning led by experts with real-time experience, addressing your specific challenges. We’re committed to delivering value and making a difference in your professional journey, equipping you with practical skills to excel in digital marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our digital marketing course caters to a wide range of individuals including students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in learning about digital marketing.

No, our course is designed to accommodate learners with varying backgrounds. No prior marketing experience or technical skills are required.

Our course covers a comprehensive range of topics including SEO, SEM, SMO, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, analytics, and more.

Yes, we offer a digital marketing certification upon successful completion of the course, which can enhance your credibility and career prospects.

The course is delivered through instructor-led live online sessions, providing interactive learning experiences and opportunities for real-time interaction with instructors and peers.

We provide dedicated support to our students throughout the course duration, including access to instructors, discussion forums, and additional resources to facilitate learning.

Yes, we regularly update our course content to reflect the latest industry trends and best practices in digital marketing.

Yes, students have access to course materials, recordings, and resources even after the live sessions, allowing for flexible learning at their own pace.

Our digital marketing course stands out due to its comprehensive curriculum, interactive learning approach, industry-experienced instructors, and dedicated support, ensuring that students receive a top-notch learning experience tailored to their needs.

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